PROFICIENCY TESTING                     

How to choose a good laboratory? Can one rely purely on laboratory accreditation systems as ISO/IEC-17025! Whereas systems as ISO/IEC-17025 help build a quality platform, they may miss on many critical aspects viz. a viz customer specific requirements or requirements of regulatory bodies. It is here that “TruGap” fits in.

Doing gap analysis of your system and technical capabilities from the customer’s point of view including regulatory requirements we offer a range of services to laboratories particularly those in the area of environment and food to validate and document the quality of data they generate-

  • Proficiency Testing (VAYU) for Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and Noise Levels [Leq dB(A)] in Ambient Air.

  • Proficiency Testing (VAYU) for Particulate Matter in Stack Emissions and Noise Levels (Source Monitoring)

  • Proficiency Testing (JAL) GEI-PT-SPS-1516-WA-01 Cl, TH, Ca, Mg, Alkalinity (as HCO3), SO4, Na, K, Fluoride

  • Proficiency Testing (JAL) GEI-PT-SPS-1516-WB-01 pH, Conductivity, TDS, COD, BOD, Acidity

  • Proficiency Testing (JAL) GEI-PT-SPS-1516-EA-01 pH, Conductivity, COD, TDS, Acidity, BOD

To be announced soon:

  • Proficiency Testing (JAL) GEI-PT-SPS-1516-WC-01 Al, Ba, Cu, Fe, Mn, Se, Zn, B, Ag

  • Proficiency Testing (JAL) GEI-PT-SPS-1516-WD-01 Cd, Pb, N, Mo, Hg, As, Cr, Chromium (VI) 

Schemes on soil, waste shall also be available soon

Providing proficiency testing services is one such area and true to our focus- “Two roads diverged in a wood and we took the one less travelled by that has made all the difference…..” we are bringing in schemes that shall meet requirements of our customers as well as match up to the requirements of ISO 17043 standard.

The strength of our schemes lies in that beyond mere evaluation of the performance of laboratories for specific tests we provide-

  • Guidance on the level and frequency of PT/ ILC participation

  • Corrective Action and Preventive Action documentation that can demonstrate to regulatory bodies that the labs quality system is effective and enables the lab to identify problems quickly and implement effective corrective and preventive actions.

  • Education of participating laboratories based on the outcomes of such comparisons

We have a collaborative mechanism in place to design the schemes and or to address the concerns of our participants including any complaints or appeals. Please feel free to send your suggestions on scheme design or any areas of your concern to

Sumit Saini