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News and Activities

10 April 2023 It was great to connect with 60 laboratories of PHED Karnataka at the office of the Commissioner, Rural Drinking Water & Sanitation Department, Cauvery Bhavan, K.G. Road, Bengaluru in continuation in the series- Maintaining NABL Accreditation-Way Forward to discuss and help understand issues after accreditation or recognition and due diligence needed to maintain it. Thankyou to State Coordinator Mr. Venkatesh; Taluka level coordinator Mr. Vishwanath; Coordinator for microbiology labs Ms. Parvati. Great thanks to Ms. Apeksha coordinator for accreditation activities for organizing everything at a short notice.

06 April 2023 Dr. Prachi Rattanpal (Senior Project Manager) attended a virtual session organized by the CII-ITC (Confederation of Indian Industry-Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development) on “Circular Economy: Theory to Practice”. The key speakers for this session were Dr. Nandini Kumar and Mr. Shourjomay Chattopadhyay. The session focused upon various aspects related to circular economy, such as: the basic idea of the concept, the value chain approach to circular economy and the circular business models.

17 Mar 2023 Our corporate adviser Dr Sekhon was here as part of Australian delegation for Y20 Consultation Summit under G20 initiative of Government of India held in GNDU Amritsar, He was one of the panellist to talk in the session “Further Work in Urban Development in Era of AI” under overall theme “Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation & 21st Century Skills”

07 Jan 2023 We are pleased to share that our corporate confidante Dr. Nilesh Amritkar bon vivant and netizen is to the post of President Designate 2023 and taking over as President 2024 at Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, India, AGM held in Thiruvananthapuram

30 Dec 2022
 It was full 100,  our webinar on sampling related issues in Ambient Air, Stack Emission and Noise, with more than 50 queries discussed and replied back. Its great to know that laboratories are continuously working to improve the quality in every aspect, and we are a part of this journey every year. For more information check updates and events 

22 23 DEC 2022
Senior Project Coordinator, Kanika Guleria, participated in the training on Sampling, Testing and Evaluation of Building Materials by Prof. (Dr.) S.K Breja

9 DEC 2022
   Delivering a presentation at TIC Council ESG Webinar series and attending TIC BIS Seminar on “ Emerging Global Trends in Laboratories: , It was great to meet like minded intellectuals and share each other vision working out bringing more for our partners on the line.

2 NOV 2022
  Learning never stops. It felt great to spend few days at NPL Delhi and relearn, polish and update the knowledge with country’s best brains and young participants  Thankyou Dr Reena Sharma Dr Shankar Aggarwal, Dr Khem Singh, Dr. Naveen, Dr Nahar Singh.. along with colleague Sonika Pawar

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