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Capacity building- Skill development and Trainings – GREEN ECONOMY INITIATIVES PRIVATE LIMITED

Green Economy Coalition Foundation
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Capacity building- Skill development and Trainings

Green Economy Coalition Foundation



Capacity building- Skill development and Trainings

Our group company ‘Green Economy Coalition Foundation’ a Not for Profit [Section-8(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 License No.108296] supports through capacity building, outreach and research to fill the gaps as education systems in countries face challenges related to quality and being relevant leading to a mismatch and increasing bottlenecks for employment. It is more so in the field of environment and quality management where shifting trends as the rising role of technology, climate change, urbanization, and counter urbanization demands a comprehensive skill set composed of cognitive skills, socio-emotional skills, technical skills and digital skills, which are cross-cutting.
To do that we simplify complexities through our expertise- ‘WITHIN EVERYONE’S REACH’ and ‘MAKE IT SIMPLE’ is the mantra….

Within everyone’s reach

During 2021-22 Green Economy Coalition Foundation conducted around 20 two days online trainings on ISO IEC 17025 2017 for PT participants of Green Economy Initiatives Pvt Ltd. and Envirocare labs Pvt Ltd-PT Cell at a nominal cost of Rs.1000/- per participant. A total of around 938 laboratory persons attended these programs. The purpose was to make every lab person understand ISO IEC 17025 2017 in order to strengthen nations testing platform. 

A big thank you to team Green Economy Coalition-Program Coordinators and Faculties who supported this endeavour during difficult Corona times.

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