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Proficiency testing- Sampling: Air and Noise; Indoor and Work Environment – GREEN ECONOMY INITIATIVES PRIVATE LIMITED
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Proficiency testing- Sampling: Air and Noise; Indoor and Work Environment

We conduct “TruGap” PT │ ILC │ EQA schemes for ensuring validity of results and monitoring competence of personnel in accordance with IEC 170432010 respectively with the objective of promoting confidence in the operation of CABs and generate valid results- We cover following Disciplines and Groups / Sub groups: CHEMICAL– Atmospheric Pollution (Air, Emissions and Noise; Indoor and Work Environment) │ Ayush │Building Materials │Cosmetics │ Drugs & Pharmaceuticals │ Food & Agricultural Products │ Fertilizers │ Minerals │Pollution and Environment │  Residues in Water │Soil │Water; MECHANICAL: Building Materials │Metals & Alloys (TMT Bars) │Plastic & Plastic Products Plastic Containers / Pouches for Packaging of Water  ;  NDT (Rebound hammer and UPV)

For PT calendars and registration form send an email at  or send a WhatsApp at 8872061900 providing following information (1) Lab Name (2) Email id  (3) Groups in which PT required as Water, Air, Food, Pharma, Minerals, Fertilizers etc. We will forward you relevant PT Calendars (Contains all information on rates, discounts applicable, Date of closure of registration and Date of release of report) and Registration form.We will forward all relevant details as soon as possible

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Advantage us- Overall low costs with no hidden charges, Schemes tailored in line with NABL-120; Customer friendly policies; No, charges for re-participation in outlier parameters in India on registering within six months from date of report release except for PT for recognition scheme; Free webinars from time to time; Low cost online training programs to help improve competence.

Labs can also contact us for running schemes for specific products / parameters not covered in our PT calendars for conducting ILC /  EQAS (External Quality Assurance schemes) or where PT schemes are not available.

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