Two roads diverged in a wood and we took the one less travelled by that has made all the difference…..

We work on contemporary environmental issues…. nothing is set in stone………. We constantly strive to stay relevant with open dialogues with our stakeholders.

Under the ever widening umbrella of changing terminologies as environmental management, sustainable development, climate change…… we focus on:

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND CAPACITY BUILDINGProLearn for professional development and ActPart for hands on training;

PROFICIENCY TESTINGLaboratories partner with us as we have programs in place to validate and document the quality of data they generate TruGap;

ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT– Focus on practices that takes place at the interface between the environment containing contaminants of interest & organisms being considered- an important tool in public health;

ENVIRONMENT DUE DILIGENCE– An important part of corporate due diligence process as environment liabilities can be large and hidden.

BUILT ENVIRONMENT– Absolute number of population is meaningless- what is important is locations- where people concentrate, how much they consume and whether these areas can cope with them Asia is 29% of land area and 60% of world population and Indian 2.4% of world area and 15% world population……… There was no urban agglomeration in Asia with population > 10 million in 1950 | By 2000, ten of seventeen global megacities (Population > 10 million) are in Asia and 5 in South Asia (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Karachi, Dhaka) three in India.

OUTREACH ON CONTEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES– Analysis of vast data on pollution from different sources is done from time to time and presented for understanding of environmental problems by people in perspective. Environmental governance and access to information, participation and justice are of core concern including fostering concerns about environmental infrastructure viz. a viz. adaption to climate change.

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICESCSR AND ER ISSUES– Demonstrate leadership and strengthen credentials in market place.

RECLAMATION, REMEDIATION AND RESTORATION Mottainai Spirit– Its shame to let go something to waste without using it to full potential and leave efforts to establish a sound material cycle society.

POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEMS- DESIGN, EVALUATION AND MANAGEMENT– last but not least controls have their role in improving our environment.

The collective overall objectives of our activities is to push our vision and mission – Knowledge for practical application and economic impacts for green economy, one which is  low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.